Frequently Asked Questions

You ask we answer

1. What is Instaclean?

Instaclean is the easiest way to delete,trash or move from unwanted email subscriptions. With Instaclean, you can clean your inbox!

2. Which languages does Instaclean support?

As of now, we support English Only.

3. What email clients does Instaclean support?

Instaclean currently supports Gmail, Yahoo, Gmx,, Yandex, Outlook, Zoho,, Icloud,, AOL.

4. How much does Instaclean cost?

Instaclean is completely free to use! :).

5. Which type of Email Instaclean shows in Trash list?

Instaclean is showing you gmail trash folder mails and your trash subscription mail.

6. What if I move something by accident?

If you made a mistake and put some messages in your New folder, go correct it as soon as you can. from unsubscribe list you can revert back you moved mail.

7. Will my emails be permanently deleted?

Instaclean never permanently deletes your messages directly. From Trash list of user choose delete mail option then and then only CleanEmail will delete your mail.